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New year thoughts

I have been trying to find positive ways to respond to recent world events, including electoral victories for the forces of division, hate and corporate greed. We humans seem to have a built-in imperative to protect ourselves and our own kind, and that selfishness unfortunately appears to be the main factor driving the move backwards… Read More »

Progressive alliance for Richmond

I just signed a petition for an alliance of progressive parties for the Richmond Park by-election and wanted to ask if you could add your name too. This campaign means a lot to me and the more support we can get behind it, the better chance we have of succeeding. You can read more and… Read More »

Witney by-election next week

There’s an opportunity NOW to show that we’re serious about building progressive alliances to fight for an open, tolerant Britain with a democratic system that works for the people and the planet. Please sign the petition asking progressive candidates to stand down and support a single alliance candidate in the by-election on 20 October:… Read More »

Adopt Proportional Representation for UK General Elections

I need your help to get PR tabled for debate in the House of Commons. To make this happen, please sign the new, official Parliamentary petition calling for Proportional Representation: Thank you! via

We need proportional representation

Here’s a letter I wrote to my MP, and suggest you do something similar. More info is available from Dear Mr Dowd, Good to meet you last Wednesday. I write regarding the Ten Minute Rule bill on Proportional Representation that Caroline Lucas is bringing forward next Wednesday 20 July, and urge you to add… Read More »

Save Europe’s last primeval forest

Please sign this petition to tell the Polish government to stop the logging and destruction of the last old forest in Europe:

Building an online resource

Since attending the Post-Brexit Alliance Building meeting on 5 July I’ve been thinking about what I could do to get such an alliance off the ground. I realised that I could help to set up a platform where those of us on the left-of-centre can share ideas about how we can make this actually come… Read More »

Prosecute Tony Blair

Let’s not let him get away with bowing to pressure from George W. Bush and launching an unnecessary war against Iraq. Take action via