UK General Election 2017

By | 2017-04-22

We have an opportunity to take the country in a more progressive direction than the established powers would like. Let’s use it! There are a large number of groups working toward a similar aim, and the following is a collection of links to the ones I’m currently aware of.

#GE2017 #ProgressiveAlliance #CampaignTogether

Progressive Alliance (toward a new politics, a better future, a progressive majority)

Campaign Together (local canvassing tools):

Tactical 2017 (tactical voting against the Conservatives):

Stop the Tories (tactical voting against the Conservatives):

Best For Britain (tactical voting against hard Brexit):

More United (supporting more progressive candidates regardless of political party):

The Progressive Alliance (facebook group):

Progressive Alliance UK (facebook group):

People for a Progressive Alliance (facebook group):

People’s Progressive Alliance UK (facebook group):

Compass (left-leaning organisation which supports a progressive alliance):

Make Votes Matter (cross party organisation supporting electoral reform, in particular a more representative system of electing MPs):

The People’s Assembly (cross-party anti-austerity campaigning group):

I hope you find these useful.

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