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London local elections

This is a chance to send a clear message that we want a greener, happier and healthier city (and planet)! That’s why I’ll be voting Green as my first preference in today’s Mayoral and London Assembly elections. Londoners, will you join me in voting #SianThenKhan? How to complete your ballot papers. Don’t forget a pencil!… Read More »

Please vote in the US election if you can

US citizens, wherever you are, please use your right to vote in November’s presidential election. There is a very stark choice between compromise politics (Biden/Harris) and flat-out, white supremacist fascism, as offered by Donald Trump. If we don’t pull out the stops and all use our vote, we may very well lose it, together with… Read More »

Stay home, stay safe, stay calm, stay connected

Look at the data, look what’s happening around the world, especially where there’s minimal public healthcare infrastructure, and you will see mounting death tolls from COVID-19. For those of you who believe in god(s), this virus was sent to kill off the old and the stupid! #stayhome #staysafe #staycalm #stayconnected #worldparliamentnow #unpa #wcpa


There’s so much at stake in this election, so whatever you do today (if you’re a UK citizen) please make sure that you VOTE. If you want up to date information about tactical voting here’s a useful site: Together we can change things for the better!

Tell Europe what you think about it

There’s just one day left to register to vote in the UK’s European Elections on 23 May. EU citizens living in the UK must complete a three step process by 7 May: Be registered to vote. Register to vote online here. Download the European parliament voter registration form and complete it. Look up your local… Read More »

UK MPs: back the amendment for trade democracy

The government’s Trade Bill is now before parliament. As it stands, it’s an attempted power grab. We must push every single MP to support amendment NC3 and give themselves a future role in the UK’s future trade policy and relationships. Please ask your MP to VOTE for trade democracy now. Link: MPs: back the amendment… Read More »

World Parliament Now

There’s a conference in India this week: “Building the World Parliament 2017”. Should we work towards some kind of global democracy, and if so is this the right approach?

Change the government on Thursday

Together we can change the government and change the direction of our country on June 8th. Invite friends, family and everyone you know here: Let’s change the government