Tell Europe what you think about it

There’s just one day left to register to vote in the UK’s European Elections on 23 May. EU citizens living in the UK must complete a three step process by 7 May: Be registered to vote. Register to vote online here. Download the European parliament voter registration form and complete it. Look up your local… Read More »

6 May 2019

Tories (and UKIP and DUP) out!

You need to register by today (12 April) to vote in the local elections in Northern Ireland and some parts of England on 2 May. Register to vote here.

12 April 2019

UK MPs: back the amendment for trade democracy

The government’s Trade Bill is now before parliament. As it stands, it’s an attempted power grab. We must push every single MP to support amendment NC3 and give themselves a future role in the UK’s future trade policy and relationships. Please ask your MP to VOTE for trade democracy now. Link: MPs: back the amendment… Read More »

11 March 2018

World Parliament Now

There’s a conference in India this week: “Building the World Parliament 2017”. Should we work towards some kind of global democracy, and if so is this the right approach?

7 November 2017

Change the government on Thursday

Together we can change the government and change the direction of our country on June 8th. Invite friends, family and everyone you know here: Let’s change the government

6 June 2017

UK General Election 2017

We have an opportunity to take the country in a more progressive direction than the established powers would like. Let’s use it! There are a large number of groups working toward a similar aim, and the following is a collection of links to the ones I’m currently aware of. #GE2017 #ProgressiveAlliance #CampaignTogether Progressive Alliance (toward… Read More »

22 April 2017

New year thoughts

I have been trying to find positive ways to respond to recent world events, including electoral victories for the forces of division, hate and corporate greed. We humans seem to have a built-in imperative to protect ourselves and our own kind, and that selfishness unfortunately appears to be the main factor driving the move backwards… Read More »

1 January 2017

Progressive alliance for Richmond

I just signed a petition for an alliance of progressive parties for the Richmond Park by-election and wanted to ask if you could add your name too. This campaign means a lot to me and the more support we can get behind it, the better chance we have of succeeding. You can read more and… Read More »

27 October 2016

Witney by-election next week

There’s an opportunity NOW to show that we’re serious about building progressive alliances to fight for an open, tolerant Britain with a democratic system that works for the people and the planet. Please sign the petition asking progressive candidates to stand down and support a single alliance candidate in the by-election on 20 October:… Read More »

12 October 2016

Adopt Proportional Representation for UK General Elections

I need your help to get PR tabled for debate in the House of Commons. To make this happen, please sign the new, official Parliamentary petition calling for Proportional Representation: Thank you! via

11 October 2016