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Building an online resource

Since attending the Post-Brexit Alliance Building meeting on 5 July I’ve been thinking about what I could do to get such an alliance off the ground. I realised that I could help to set up a platform where those of us on the left-of-centre can share ideas about how we can make this actually come about. I therefore have created a shell website, with an introduction and preliminary mission statement:

If you could have a look, please let me know what you think, and whether this might be useful going forward. One idea is to make the site into a sort of wiki, where any interested parties can edit content, but the main idea is for it to have a bottom-up organic growth, fuelled by those who share the stated goals. All content, including the site’s title, mission statement and domain name, is up for discussion!

Two urgent actions

I went to a meeting of Global Justice Now last night and came away with some urgent actions:

1) Stop CETA. This is the Canadian version of TPP/TTIP and it looks like it might go through BEFORE Brexit, assuming that happens. Even if we do leave the EU, the UK could potentially be sued for a period of up to 20 years. These deals have been agreed in secret between governments and big business and it’s high time the negotiations were out in the open. There’s a website that allows you to contact your MEP(s) and it’s here:

2) #freetheseeds: take action against the New Alliance, which is a similar stitch-up between corrupt governments and big agri-business. As I understand it, the initiative, which is funded by taxpayer’s money, aims to take away land from small farmers and give it to large corporations to grow crops for export, possibly re-employing the farmers as cheap labour. There is no NGO support for this initiative, as far as I can tell. More info is here:

Thanks for your help!

Six impossible things

1. The Queen calls for implementation of Article 50, as a majority of her subjects have voted for it
2. Parliament calls a general election in the Autumn
3. An alliance of progressive parties emerges, with a platform that includes electoral reform
4. The progressive left wins, soundly beating the Tory/UKIP/DUP alliance in all regions
5. A people’s constitution is created which, among other things, replaces the House of Lords with a proportionally-elected chamber
6. ?

Well, I tried. Time for breakfast.

A letter to Jeremy Corbyn

Dear Jeremy,

I strongly believe that the Labour Party — and the movement that is coalescing around you — best represents the people of the United Kingdom’s interests going forward into the post-Brexit era. I also believe that, given the current divisions within the party and the situation in Scotland, it is now impossible for Labour to win against the Tories, UKIP and the rest of the right wing on its own. I therefore call on you to join with the Green Party, the Liberal Democrats, the SNP and other progressive parties, to join in a new alliance of left-leaning parties: a Progressive Left for a United Kingdom. In my opinion the following precepts must be followed:

1. The majority of the British electorate voted to leave the EU, and we must accept their verdict
2. We must work together to ensure a fair and just deal for the people of the UK and for the wider world

I urge you to call for your members to support this initiative and to encourage interested people to attend the various exploratory meetings that are taking place next week. We need a new approach to politics in this country and you are the best person to lead the way forward.

Kind regards,
Chris Brody

Calls mount for a progressive alliance

In the wake of last week’s referendum decision, MPs from the Green and Labour parties are initiating exploratory talks about how an alliance of progressive parties might be formed. Caroline Lucas (Green Party) and Clive Lewis (Labour) with additional speakers Amina Gichinga (Take Back the City) and John Harris (Journalist) will meet in London on Tuesday 5 July in London to discuss what shape such an alliance might take. Representatives of the Liberal Democrats, SNP & Plaid Cymru have been invited.

The meeting’s location has been changed to allow more people to attend, and will now take place at the Emmanuel Centre (Google map).

The woman who can change the world

This just in from AVAAZ:

Christiana Figueres is f***ing awesome — she’s the one who led the world to the incredible Paris climate deal, against all odds. And now there’s a rumour that she’s thinking of running for the head of the United Nations.

This would be so, so good for the world: Christiana literally got Saudi Arabia to sign an agreement ending fossil fuels(!); imagine what she could do with the power and influence of the UN on Syria, refugees, poverty, and all the other crises we’re facing.

But she’s got to enter the race right now, before the doors close on nominations in days. And she has to do it with a public mandate that’s bigger and bolder than the other, more traditional candidates who simply won’t be able to give us the global leadership Christiana offers.

Sign to help build a massive people’s call for this amazing leader — and give us our best shot at a strong, inspiring, functional United Nations empowered to help deliver everything from a green future to global peace.

This is possible if we act right now. Let’s come together behind Christiana and win a leader with the power and promise to make the United Nations soar. Click below to join:

Brexit and the future of the UK

Here’s the text of a letter I sent to my MP:

Dear Mr Dowd,

I am writing to urge you to advocate for a General Election to be called before triggering Article 50, i.e. before formal negotiations with the EU begin. Continue reading