Two urgent actions

By | 2016-07-05

I went to a meeting of Global Justice Now last night and came away with some urgent actions:

1) Stop CETA. This is the Canadian version of TPP/TTIP and it looks like it might go through BEFORE Brexit, assuming that happens. Even if we do leave the EU, the UK could potentially be sued for a period of up to 20 years. These deals have been agreed in secret between governments and big business and it’s high time the negotiations were out in the open. There’s a website that allows you to contact your MEP(s) and it’s here:

2) #freetheseeds: take action against the New Alliance, which is a similar stitch-up between corrupt governments and big agri-business. As I understand it, the initiative, which is funded by taxpayer’s money, aims to take away land from small farmers and give it to large corporations to grow crops for export, possibly re-employing the farmers as cheap labour. There is no NGO support for this initiative, as far as I can tell. More info is here:

Thanks for your help!

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