A letter to Jeremy Corbyn

By | 2016-07-02

Dear Jeremy,

I strongly believe that the Labour Party — and the movement that is coalescing around you — best represents the people of the United Kingdom’s interests going forward into the post-Brexit era. I also believe that, given the current divisions within the party and the situation in Scotland, it is now impossible for Labour to win against the Tories, UKIP and the rest of the right wing on its own. I therefore call on you to join with the Green Party, the Liberal Democrats, the SNP and other progressive parties, to join in a new alliance of left-leaning parties: a Progressive Left for a United Kingdom. In my opinion the following precepts must be followed:

1. The majority of the British electorate voted to leave the EU, and we must accept their verdict
2. We must work together to ensure a fair and just deal for the people of the UK and for the wider world

I urge you to call for your members to support this initiative and to encourage interested people to attend the various exploratory meetings that are taking place next week. We need a new approach to politics in this country and you are the best person to lead the way forward.

Kind regards,
Chris Brody

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