The woman who can change the world

By | 2016-07-01

This just in from AVAAZ:

Christiana Figueres is f***ing awesome — she’s the one who led the world to the incredible Paris climate deal, against all odds. And now there’s a rumour that she’s thinking of running for the head of the United Nations.

This would be so, so good for the world: Christiana literally got Saudi Arabia to sign an agreement ending fossil fuels(!); imagine what she could do with the power and influence of the UN on Syria, refugees, poverty, and all the other crises we’re facing.

But she’s got to enter the race right now, before the doors close on nominations in days. And she has to do it with a public mandate that’s bigger and bolder than the other, more traditional candidates who simply won’t be able to give us the global leadership Christiana offers.

Sign to help build a massive people’s call for this amazing leader — and give us our best shot at a strong, inspiring, functional United Nations empowered to help deliver everything from a green future to global peace.

This is possible if we act right now. Let’s come together behind Christiana and win a leader with the power and promise to make the United Nations soar. Click below to join:

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