Why I’m not voting to Leave the EU, but to Remain.

By | 2016-06-22

I was asked some questions by a friend on facebook who is thinking of voting to Leave the EU. My answers follow.

“1 can we sack or veto a decision by the top eu boffs ?”

Who do you mean by “we”? If you mean British citizens, we can’t sack our own government, but we can elect representatives at all levels, from local councils up to the EU level. If we did it my way we could also directly elect members to the UN, which would be a global decision-making body, affecting all life on our shared planet.

“2 if the European court over rules our supreme. Court can we ignore their decision ?”

Again, who are “we”? If I personally disagreed with a decision, I guess I could make a principled stand, and possibly go to jail for it. That’s how law works, you delegate powers upwards. I’m all for a European court and a Global court of law, to overrule bad decision-making at lower levels.

“3 immigration if allowed at an absurd rate can not work how can it be that if you have a flat it’s illegal to house 20 people !! Yet we can continue to let people in when there are not enough houses to home them !! Maybe we should build the houses first then let them in !! Notice in not being racist just giving a solution to the problem !!”

Your own ancestors immigrated here, or didn’t you realise that? Humans originated in Africa. Migration happens, everyone has to deal with it. We have to share this planet with lots of people, the vast majority of them far worse off than those living on this tiny island.

“My question still stands if hypothetically the US was offered membership would you basically agree to join on the basis that we currently are ???”

It’s a moot question. The point of the EU is that it is based primarily on location, surely? But yes, I would join up if I were the President, Congress and Supreme Court put together (which I’m not) and if the EU would let the US in.

“Would you give up control of your borders as I don’t see the US letting in all Mexicans ??”

Yes, I would advocate an open borders policy. Most Mexicans are probably better off in their own country anyway, due partially to the rising xenophobia (i.e. racism) in the US. Also they have better food, weather, beaches and forests.

“Would you give up your right to bare arms and the death penalty and your rights to make your own laws ??”

I would happily secede my rights to make laws to those more qualified to do so (e.g. elected representatives.) I also strongly disagree with the 2nd amendment and the death penalty, and would rewrite the constitution to abolish both.

“Would you agree to be overuled by an unelected group of people who can not be held to task of things go wrong !!!”

No. Absolutely not.

“Would you then pay for the privilege of losing these rights !!”

I would pay for the privilege of belonging to an association of like-minded organisations, who can work together to ensure that mutual profits and benefits can be gained. Larger groupings of people who share a common interest can accomplish more than smaller groups acting alone. Such as protecting our shared environment, for example.

“NO one knows if we’d be better off in or out of the EU !! Otherwise the politicians would have had much better arguments and the referendum would never have been needed !!!”

That may be true, but it’s a dangerous game to play. There are serious problems with the EU, but we can’t help to fix them if we leave. It would be a great shame to abandon the project in my opinion. It’s taken a long time to get this far, and despite needing a lot more work, it’s the best vehicle we currently have for working with our neighbours.

The referendum represents a failure of the Tory party to convince its own members. The rise of separatist (e.g. nationalist) agendas is very scary to me, whether it’s the SNP, UKIP, Britain First or Donald Trump. I lost relatives in the second world war, which happened largely because of rhetoric similar to that used by leaders of the Leave campaign.

“But seriously Chris would you give up the independence of the US in order to sign a deal that we are !! Put your hand on your heart and tell me as I always thought America was the land of the free ??”

Yes. As a child I always refused to pledge allegiance to the US flag. Nations are becoming an outdated concept in this age of instant communication and free movement of people.

Vote Remain, and let’s improve things together.

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