The great misleader – the ‘evidence’ for WMDs

By | 2003-07-15

Tell Congress to do its job

President Bush justified invading Iraq by claiming that their “weapons of mass destruction” posed an imminent threat. The evidence presented to back up this claim is looking increasingly dubious, and Congressman Henry Waxman (D-CA) has introduced legislation to create an independent commission to investigate the matter.

I’ve joined over 330,000 other people in calling on Congress to support this independent investigation. According to MoveOn, 1,118 other people from my district (Congressman Doyle (D-PA)) have already signed; the target is 1,400 by tomorrow.

You can join at

If the Bush administration distorted intelligence or knowingly used false data to support the call to war, it would be an (almost) unprecedented deception. Even if weapons are now found, it will be difficult to justify pre-war language suggesting that the exact location of the weapons was “known” and that Iraq was ready to deploy “within 45 minutes”. The world is waiting: we want to know the truth. If Bush and his officials intentionally tried to deceive in order to create support for the invasion, they must be held accountable.

Please ask a representative to pledge his or her support for an open investigation.

From here in the UK it seems that this issue might actually be one that can force the Bushites onto the defensive, as it has done to Blair and his cronies. Even if the call for an investigation is unsuccessful, the publicity caused by a large show of public support can only help the progressive cause.

Hats off to Dennis Kucinich for being the only Democratic candidate to be entirely consistent in his views on this: he & Howard Howard Dean are taking the inter-party argument to the right side, even if neither of them stand a chance in hell against the hate & fear machine currently in power. To paraphrase what Jim Hightower said, if God intends the US to vote Democrat in 2004, he will give the party a decent candidate!

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