Report from Baghdad

By | 2003-03-26

A very interesting interview with Robert Fisk, in which he warns of the quagmire that the UKUSIAN forces might well be getting themselves into:

“…we’ve already got a situation down in Basra where the British army have admitted firing artillery into the city of Basra, and then whingeing on afterward saying ‘We’re being fired at by soldiers hiding among civilians’. Well, I’m sorry; all soldiers defending cities are among civilians. But now the British are firing artillery shells into the heavily populated city of Basra. When the British were fired upon with mortars or with snipers from the cragg on the state or the bogside in Delhi and in Northern Ireland, they did not use artillery, but here, apparently, it is OK to use artillery on a crowded city.

“What on Earth is the British army doing in Iraq firing artillery into a city after invading the country? Is this really about weapons of mass destruction? Is this about al Qaeda? It’s interesting that in the last few days, not a single reporter has mentioned September 11th. This is supposed to be about September 11th. This is supposed to be about the war on terror, but nobody calls it that anymore because deep down, nobody believes it is. So, what is it about?”

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