Parliament votes for war

By | 2003-03-19

There was a fine debate yesterday in the House of Commons. Blair won the vote, of course, although the rebellion was the largest ever. Passionate arguments were made for both sides of the argument. It restores one’s faith in the process here, even if MPs do not always vote according to logic or their constituents’ wishes. I had a three-page letter from my MP explaining his pro-goverment stance on the issue. He can’t have written this for me alone.

Sometimes ignoring public opinion is a good thing, of course, as the majority view is not necessarily right. One must then hope that we who are against the impending invasion are proved wrong, unikely as this may seem. At least there was a real debate, and one that was carried out with mutual respect.

Robin Cook won a standing ovation for his resignation speech [RealVideo, full transcript here], which is not only unheard of, but seems vaguely unbecoming to such an institution as the House of Commons.

Unfortunately for the world, Bush has no respect for anything outside his own cabal of oil interests. It is left to his chief spokesman, Blair, to make a positive case for the illegal action that is about to unfold.

A good press roundup is at

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