The Iraqi Missile Crisis

By | 2003-01-24

In its rush to war regardless of the lack of UN and public support, not to mention the possible consequences, the Bush administration is making pointed reference to the infamous Cuban Missile Crisis which nearly took the US and Soviet Union into full-scale nuclear confilict in 1962.

An article in the Guardian predicts that Colin Powell will force the issue of military action by publicly presenting evidence of Saddam Hussein’s violations of UN resolutions immediately following the weapons inspectors’ report to the UN on Monday.

This is being referred to as the “Adlai Stevenson moment”, Washington shorthand for the dramatic presentation of its intelligence case. (Stevenson, the US ambassador to the UN at the time of the Cuban missile crisis, dramatically confronted the Soviet envoy with evidence of nuclear missiles being unloaded in Cuba.)

This begs the question: what if Saddam does indeed have actual “weapons of mass destruction”, which the inspectors have yet to find? Surely he will use them, most probably against Israel. What chance of Sharon then tempering his likely (nuclear) response?

We’ll have just what Al-Qaeda ordered: the War to End Civilisation.

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