Could the warmongers be right?

By | 2002-10-19

For some reason I feel compelled to blog at this unearthly hour. Thoughts of all sorts have been going through my mind, but I’ll try to keep this on topic. I’ve been watching the blogdom (blogosphere? blogiverse?) for some months now, and it definitely seems to me that propeace memes are outweighing the warbloggers by a quite a large factor these days. Maybe it’s just that I filter out what I don’t want to hear, but the main weblog indices, blogdex and daypop, have of late had many more links to items questioning the warmongering stance of the US/UK alliance than to those supporting it.

But perhaps the Bush/Blair tack is right? Maybe it is time for a new war of colonisation in a part of the world that sorely needs a firm, guiding hand to lead it towards democracy. A new Pax Ukusia (Usukia?) could be what is needed in the Middle East to get peace process back on to a positive track. While the Bush administration is probably the most reactionary the US has ever had, the Blairite “third way” is probably the most successful progressive movement the world has yet seen. Together they make a very odd political couple, but dare we actually surmise that they are serving our and the world’s best long-term interests by their demands for a war on Iraq?

There is no question in my mind that an Imperial war is what is being proposed. The nudge-nudge wink-wink say no more terms that the warmongers use to try to justify attacks on Saddam, who is a relatively minor threat to the security of either nation, are merely a cover to try and appease those who do not wish to see a new era of military expansion by the sole superpower axis left in the world.

This train of thought goes completely counter to my normal instinct, which is to abhor violence in any form, particularly in the cowardly fashion that Nato chooses to wage war by blanket bombing its enemies into submission. But should it be relatively easy to rid the world of its menacing tyrant, what then? An occupation to last until a reasonable form of opposition and democratic rule can be established in that backward nation would last for years. Would the global community countenance it? Do we have any choice?

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