The war on memes

By | 2002-07-09

An interesting article on meme warfare from The Truth Laid Bear (thanks to revbrian on metafilter.

Here are some of the best websites I’ve found which promote anti-Bush and pro-peace memes:

Make Them Accountable
News stories from the national media which strengthen the case against Bush. Edited by Carolyn Kay, with daily email newsletter. Highly recommended! Subscribe.
Read how the Supreme Court stole the election, whether the US is doomed to be a police state, and other analysis, updated frequently.

Citizens For Legitimate Government
Campaigning site, with petitions and a bi-weekly newsletter.
Campaiging for justice, not war. Recent article on the threat of Japan’s re-arming. Weekly bulletin.
Petitions on issues of topical importance, discussion forum. Current issue: “No Nukes over Kashmir“.

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