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By | 2002-06-27

This may or not turn into a regular blog featuring alternative ways of looking at the crisis facing the US and rest of the world. There is far too much conflict about, and it seems to me that the majority of bloggers feel that the flames of terror need stoking, not calming.

In these anxious times, it is not always easy to know who is on your side. It is quite clear, for example, that George W. Bush is most definitely not on the side of peace, freedom or justice. It is quite unfathomable (and terrifying to me) that the unelected Dubya continues to get high approval ratings for the work he is doing to create a police state in the US and to export terror to any part of the world which a) harbours oil reserves and b) threatens US hegemony in any way whatever. Where are the American public getting their information from to goad them into thinking that this imperialist moron is on their side?

The big media conglomerates have no interest in providing a balanced point of view. And unfortunately those who normally turn to the so-called “liberal” media have nowhere to go. Even great organs such as the New York Times refuse to go against the warmongering bandwagon which rolls across the nation from Washington to Washington. Call me anti-semitic, but could it be that this particular paper sees its Zionist interests being catered to by the astute polticians in the beltway (yes there are many, though Dubya is obviously not one of them) They refuse to critcise the rush to arms for fear of being called “unpatriotic”? Is there a worse term of abuse around at the moment?

To me the current atmosphere is deadly, far worse than the sorry saga of McCarthy and his Unamerican Activies Committee of the ’50s. Americans, both native-born and recently arrived, are seeing their rights demolished by unconstitutional montrosities such as the Patriot Act, and don’t even raise a finger to object. When a small group of students did try to show their feelings recently by turning their back on Bush at a graduation ceremony, they were threatened with expulsion, arrest, and the loss of their diplomas. The land of the free and the home of the brave? I think not.

Where are the Democrats in all this? They are too afraid to oppose a “wartime” president. By definition, Bush’s War on Terra is one without end. What side are you on: that of the unelected representatives of the petrochemical and other planet-destroying industries, or on that of life, liberty, justice and the pursuit of happiness? Democrats of all persuasions, this is your wakeup call. Start a blog. Spread the word.

The ‘net joins us all: let’s use it, or be done for. Thanks, Dave, for the idea.

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