A new dark ages looms. Is there hope for our world?

Today, an article entitled “The World Will Run out of Breathable Air Unless Carbon Is Cut” came up on my feed. We live in worrying times: how are we going to avoid going down a path of even deeper gloom?

Why I’m not voting to Leave the EU, but to Remain.

I was asked some questions by a friend on facebook who is thinking of voting to Leave the EU. My answers follow. “1 can we sack or veto a decision by the top eu boffs ?” Who do you mean by “we”? If you mean British citizens, we can’t sack our own government, but we… Read More »

Move your money out of fossil fuels

I’m moving my money out of Barclays Bank due to their ongoing support of the fossil fuel industry, including the majority funding of Third Energy, which is planning to frack in Yorkshire. Let’s all do the same! Move from the bad to the good. Source: Divest – Move Your Money

Bernie Sanders: The 2016 Peace Candidate

On February 10, 2016, Peace Action — the largest peace organization in the United States — announced its endorsement of Bernie Sanders for the Democratic nomination for President. Source: History News Network

Bernie Sanders for President | The Nation

With integrity and principle, the Vermont senator is calling Americans to a political revolution. A year ago, concerned that ordinary citizens would be locked out of the presidential nominating process, The Nation argued that a vigorously contested primary would be good for the candidates, for the Democratic Party, and for democracy. Source: Bernie Sanders for… Read More »

Freedom, Equality, Brotherhood

The French flag and the ideals it stands for are beautiful things. But I won’t be wrapping myself in something that divides as much as it unites. Of course I support Paris, and the victims of atrocities everywhere. But I can’t support France in closing its borders and declaring war. What does that promote, except… Read More »

2015 UK General Election

This election is a chance for a new wave of people to get involved in deciding the future direction of the UK. The word “politician” has so many negative connotations that I hesitate to use it, but there are candidates for election who do actually appear to have our best interests (and those of the… Read More »

Why war?

Do we really want perpetual war? The majority seems to, while having no idea what it entails or accomplishes. A West Point history professor raises the question that few politicians dare to. Why war? It’s a question Americans should be asking. – LA Times.

Stop Internet censorship

These rants have come to be very occasional but there is something potentially evil afoot in the US. On 18 January there is a worldwide protest against two US bills, SOPA and PIPA, that could fundamentally alter the nature of the FREE, GLOBAL INTERNET. Please join me in blacking out your own website(s) in support… Read More »