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Blair: Future of the UN in Iraq

To paraphrase from today’s PMQs: “President Bush is fully behind what I see as essential: that any post-conflict Iraqi administration has to be specifically endorsed by the United Nations.” I remain deeply sceptical.

The triumph of fear

A powerful article from Tikkun (one of the only major Jewish organisations to oppose the Iraqi invasion) which attempts to raise the anti-war argument to another plane. I quote some passages below to give the flavour, but the whole article is well worth printing out and reading. 1. The Decline of Hope How could it… Read More »

Report from Baghdad

A very interesting interview with Robert Fisk, in which he warns of the quagmire that the UKUSIAN forces might well be getting themselves into: “…we’ve already got a situation down in Basra where the British army have admitted firing artillery into the city of Basra, and then whingeing on afterward saying ‘We’re being fired at… Read More »

A Citizens’ Declaration

As a US-led invasion of Iraq begins, we, the undersigned citizens of many countries, reaffirm our commitment to addressing international conflicts through the rule of law and the United Nations. By joining together across countries and continents, we have emerged as a new force for peace. As we grieve for the victims of this war,… Read More »

Parliament votes for war

There was a fine debate yesterday in the House of Commons. Blair won the vote, of course, although the rebellion was the largest ever. Passionate arguments were made for both sides of the argument. It restores one’s faith in the process here, even if MPs do not always vote according to logic or their constituents’… Read More »

The [Self-]Righteous Error of Tony Blair

A well-balanced article on the Blair dilemma by Ian Williams. It is easy to dismiss British Prime Minister Tony Blair as Washington’s favorite poodle. But it is also quite simply wrong. Blair’s motivation and methods are entirely different from those of George W Bush. His position is based not on political expediency, but on moral… Read More »

Mr Bush goes for the kill

Terry Jones writes in the Observer: Mr. Bush is right, Saddam Hussein is a nasty man and nobody I know has the least objection to Mr. Bush killing him. It’s just the way he proposes doing it that worries me. Dropping 3000 bombs in 48 hours on Baghdad is going to kill a lot of… Read More »

Out of the wreckage

By tearing up the global rulebook, the US is in fact undermining its own imperial rule, writes George Monbiot in the Guardian: The US… seems to be ripping up the global rulebook. As it does so, those of us who have campaigned against the grotesque injustices of the existing world order will quickly discover that… Read More »