Monthly Archives: February 2003

U.S. arm-twisting over Iraq war

The Institute for Policy Studies has released a new study that examines the methods that the U.S. uses to bully, cajole and bribe other nations to support its policies in the UN Security Council. Full report: Source: Dad

Fax your MP

Fax your MP and tell him or her how to use their vote in the Iraq debate tomorrow in the House of Commons.

Kucinich to run for President in 2004

According to reports, Ohio Rep. Dennis Kucinich plans to launch a presidential campaign next week. He will be the eighth Democrat to enter the race for the party’s nomination. Kucinich, leader of the Congressional progressive caucus, has said voters need to hear alternative points of view on Iraq, trade and the nation’s economic policies, all issues… Read More »

London rallies for peace

In the world’s largest ever demonstration of public will, more than six million people are estimated to have taken part in a series of rallies calling for a peaceful end to the current US/UK-Iraqi conflict. In London, where as many as 2,000,000 people took to the streets, the overwhelming mood was sombre but hopeful. Whistles… Read More »

Plan for peace

A European plan for beefing up U.N. arms inspections in Iraq is reportedly being drawn up by France and Germany. The plan would involve thousands of UN troops being deployed to back up the inspectors, together with increased sanctions to be applied to Iraqis. Germany plans to present the plan to UN Security Council members later this… Read More »

Putin to the rescue?

The Russian president is providing a rallying point for European diplomatic efforts to counter the US-UK threat to peace. Vladimir Putin has pledged to work closely with France and Germany with the aim of achieving a peaceful resolution to the conflict over Iraq. “We are convinced that a one-sided use of force would lead to… Read More »

Rally against invasion of Iraq

The anti-war rally planned for London will go ahead next Saturday (15th Feb), despite an attempt by Blair’s Culture Secretary to ban it. Up to half a million people are expected to converge on Hyde Park, where speakers including failed US presidential hopeful Jesse Jackson and LibDem leader Charles Kennedy will address the crowd. The… Read More »

Corporate globalisation: Confronting Empire

From an recent speech by Arundhati Roy: …the countries of the North harden their borders and stockpile weapons of mass destruction. After all they have to make sure that it’s only money, goods, patents and services that are globalized. Not the free movement of people. Not a respect for human rights. Not international treaties on… Read More »