Monthly Archives: October 2002

Index of press freedom

“The first worldwide index of press freedom has some surprises for Western democracies. The United States ranks below Costa Rica and Italy scores lower than Benin. The five countries with least press freedom are North Korea, China, Burma, Turkmenistan and Bhutan.“ Source: metafilter

Children and war

An open letter from a group of teenagers who suffered under the airstrikes on Belgrade, quoted in its entirety: Dear MoveOn and people of the world, We are 25 teenagers and young people, the youth task force of the Yugoslav NGO, BEOSUPPORT, in Belgrade. The name of our task force is the BS Team. Your message… Read More »

Does Hilary have a clone?

Even down to the hairstyle and pie recipe! One difference from the Clintons: she actually has some experience getting progressive healthcare legislation through. I sent her $10 towards ousting the pro-war incumbent in 2 weeks’ time. Is that legal? Source:

“They want to kill us all”

An interesting thread on metafilter on the origins of terrorism. (I have to admit to blatant self-interest, as it contains my first-ever contribution to that highly addictive site.)

French troops deploy to monitor Ivory Coast truce

BOUAKE, Ivory Coast, Oct 20 (Reuters) – French troops in Ivory Coast were getting ready on Sunday to monitor a ceasefire between rebels and the government, deploying at positions on and around the front line. but… DALOA, Ivory Coast, Oct 21 (Reuters) – Ivory Coast’s army accused rebels of violating a ceasefire accord aimed at… Read More »

The Bloodstained Path

From an article by Dennis Kucinich in The Progressive: Unilateral military action by the United States against Iraq is unjustified, unwarranted, and illegal. The Administration has failed to make the case that Iraq poses an imminent threat to the United States. There is no credible evidence linking Iraq to 9/11. There is no credible evidence… Read More »

Could the warmongers be right?

For some reason I feel compelled to blog at this unearthly hour. Thoughts of all sorts have been going through my mind, but I’ll try to keep this on topic. I’ve been watching the blogdom (blogosphere? blogiverse?) for some months now, and it definitely seems to me that pro–peace memes are outweighing the warbloggers by… Read More »

The American people need to respond

Dear Senator Byrd, I have written to my own (PA) senators but realise that this will have no effect whatever. Please do everything in your power to prevent this unelected President from launching the USA into a war of aggression from which there will be no exit. The dangers are many, the potential benefits accruing… Read More »